Laughing Hearts – presents for children in care

This year the Laughing Hearts collection was a full success, again. Within a few days all 92 Laughing Hearts wish-leaflets were collected, each wish represents one child in care of a Berlin care institute.
Unfortunately four wishes were not returned, but due to some donations all children’s wishes were fulfilled.
This year the Laughing Hearts will donate 1300 wishes to children in care, so our school alone participated with 7 % 🙂
We would like to thank all families that satisfied a children’s wish!!

We’re on the radio!

German radio (Deutschlandfunk) visited one of our welcome classes recently and produced a short programme that was broadcast last week. Click here to listen.

Temporary Position Available

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Dear Parents,

On Monday, November 27th, there is a district-wide staff meeting for all teachers and educators. Therefore, instruction will end after the 4th lesson at 11:30am and all pupils may go home alone or be picked up at this time.

Supervision can be provided for pupils who need it in the SESB.

With kind regards

Frank Effenberger


Christmas Tree Laughing hearts

From Tuesday 7.11. onwards there will be a Christmas Tree in the House 1- Foyer with the Christmas wishes from orphan kids. If you would like to fulfil their wishes, please take one of wish-leaflets, buy their gift, wrap it and return it along with the leaflet to the class teacher of your child till the 17.11. 

Please only take a leaflet-wish if you truly and really decide to fulfil it and have the time to hand it in punctually.

The headmaster and the GEV board