Appreciation Dinner

The entire staff says “thank you” for the wonderful evening.

We are lucky to have such supportive parents.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the delicious food.

Thank you


We are proud to be able to present a very special event to you.

On 16. March at 18:00 in the multi-purpose Music Room,

The Selfish Giant

Image result for the selfish giant

will be performed. Under the direction of Carolyn Buckley and with the support and co-operation of many parents and teachers in the school, the play has been produced in the last few months. In addition to the numerous actors, the school choir is also taking part, directed by Joanna Foote and a string orchestral group, directed by Heather Cottrell adds Vivaldi’s Four Seasons appropriately to the play.

The play will be solely performed in English. Find the program here

A few tickets can still be bought at the price of 3€, mornings and afternoons in the Entrance Hall.

The 1. Newsletter 2018

The first newsletter is online. Find out the latest news from our school.

Laughing Hearts – presents for children in care

This year the Laughing Hearts collection was a full success, again. Within a few days all 92 Laughing Hearts wish-leaflets were collected, each wish represents one child in care of a Berlin care institute.
Unfortunately four wishes were not returned, but due to some donations all children’s wishes were fulfilled.
This year the Laughing Hearts will donate 1300 wishes to children in care, so our school alone participated with 7 % 🙂
We would like to thank all families that satisfied a children’s wish!!

We’re on the radio!

German radio (Deutschlandfunk) visited one of our welcome classes recently and produced a short programme that was broadcast last week. Click here to listen.